Criminal Enforcement Rights

The Law Office provides representation in the following procedures related to the execution of sentences: Placement in a transitional group, Transfer, EVSZ, Interruption, Change of degree, Pardon request, Absence, Departure, Reception outside the institution, Exemption from adverse consequences related to a criminal record, Reintegration custody, Classification into the regime, Application for placement in departments with special status within the institution (drug prevention, hsr., religious...).


On the basis of the mandate, the Law Firm fully represents you in the proceedings, submits your application to the competent Penitentiary Institute or the Court, initiates the procedure, acts as prepared as possible and tries to achieve the result you require, undertakes the other documents required for the application the Criminal Records Teams of the competent Penitentiary Institute, the Central Office of Public Administration and Electronic Public Services, and the competent District Courts, Tribunals, and of course with up-to-date knowledge of legislative changes.

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